Our Speaker, Natasha Kendrew, gave a compelling account of how she established the C Si Bon business in Cottesloe in 2015, and in so doing put high quality frozen food on the map in Australia for the first time. Natasha’s Dad was from England and her Mum from Mauritius (of French background), and so it was not surprising that Natasha leaned towards a career in hospitality – firstly by working in the wine and beer industries and then gravitating towards food when she as a working Mum couldn’t find decent food for her children at the supermarkets. Natasha worked from home initially and went into the wholesale arena, but this was not satisfying so she opened up the shop in Cottesloe. This is supplemented by on-line sales, and now the business has a kitchen in Osborne Park and uses selected distribution outlets such as IGA and Farmer Jack’s as well. Natasha provided some staggering statistics about the global frozen food market, and highlighted the fact that Australia has been lagging behind in consumer acceptance of such products. C Si Bon has a two weekly menu cycle, and on-line customers can select their products over a period of a few days and then have them delivered to their homes shortly thereafter. The restaurant-quality frozen meals are prepared using local produce which is hand chopped and cooked in small batches, and there are no additives or bulking material at all. Many gluten free options are available, and the meals are snap frozen and packed in foil containers which are safe to use in a microwave. The core range of products can be bought on-line, over the counter at the shop or at one of the distribution outlets, and seasonal ranges appear especially at Christmas and Easter time. We were lucky enough to see samples of the products which Natasha brought along with her.