Our Schools’ Programme Series meeting was a great success with 84 people attending – including 16 Members, Rotarian John Travlos, and Honorary Members Jeanette Wood and Leonie Pearse. There were Parents, Teachers and Psychologists on hand to hear Dr Michele Toner talking about managing ADHD, a topic about which she is clearly most passionate. ADHD sufferers think differently to most others, but they also are prone to inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive bouts. Their brains tend to develop later than the norm, and often they can’t regulate their emotions. Michele outlined some myths about ADHD such as it being “over-diagnosed” and that it’s caused by bad parenting! ADHD people can’t be blamed for not doing something because they are inherently inconsistent. Part of their treatment should include a good healthy diet as well as regular exercise. Michele also listed a number of useful tips including that teachers should work with parents and vice versa; be compassionate and make them look good; parents should give the schools relevant information about their child; teachers should let parents know about assignment deadlines etc.; and we should ease the transition from one scenario to another to allow the sufferer to make the adjustment. We also heard a little about ADHD WA which supports people with ADHD and their families.