Frank Nathan led a discussion about the arrangements for Saturday’s Fete at St Edmund’s Church, Pangbourne Street, Wembley (20th November). Preparations have been busily underway, and the next two days will be spent setting up the various stalls. We need to be flexible in our approach, as space is at a premium. On Saturday we are urged to arrive at 6.00 am to complete the set-up for an 8.00 am start although some customers are likely to be there well before that time. Those who can should wear their Rotary shirts and caps, and we should park away from the Church at places such as the Wembley Autocare on Grantham Street. The Kids Alley section needs some young people to man it, so any available grandchildren should be roped in asap! Credit card facilities will be available, and customers using this facility will be issued with a docket at the purchase point which they will take to one of four stations for payment. The paid docket will then be exchanged for the goods back at the stall, and the docket should go into the stall’s till. Floats will be provided for each stall and there will be regular collections of cash from each stall as the day progresses. Please do your best to sell our Rotary bags to customers at $5 each as a way for them to manage their purchases whilst adding to our coffers! Tokens will be provided for early starters to claim a complimentary egg & bacon roll from the Sausage Sizzle stall, and tea or coffee will be available to all workers free of charge. After the event, leftover stocks will be taken to the Paraquad Centre, and a truck will be made available to deal with debris. Good luck everyone, and thanks for taking part in this major fundraiser!