Our very own Member Stan Robins was our Speaker this time, and he gave a fascinating history of his Grandfather, Zalman Rublinski. Zalman was born in Khorol (south east of Kiev) in the Ukraine in 1860, and he was a popular, happy go lucky young man – a born leader. He was the leader of a group of youngsters, and they led an idyllic life. In 1880 he married Mariana, and they had two sons and a daughter. At the time of his marriage his Father-in Law gave Zalman 10 acres of farmland, on the condition that he would convert to Christianity. In spite of his ebullient nature he had moments of quiet lament, and he would express these thoughts through song. Apart from being an accomplished singer, Zalman also played the violin and the harmonica. In 1905 Zalman experienced a cathartic metamorphosis, and he abandoned his life and set off initially on foot towards Israel. By this time his group of boyhood friends had dispersed to various parts of the world. Zalman went via Odessa and Constantinople where he stowed away on a ship bound for Jaffa, the ancient port in southern Tel Aviv. On consulting a Rabbi, Zalman was told to forget the last 25 years, and that he was now a Jew. He started farming near the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel, and in time he met a widow from Jaffa. Zalman married Nechia in 1909 and over the years they produced three children – including Stan’s Father. Coincidentally Nechia was also born in Ukraine, but in 1870 – ten years after Zalman. Zalman became a guard in a kibbutz, but when war broke out in 1914 he joined up. He tried to join the English Army but joined the famous Jewish Legion which was sent to the Dardanelles to fight the Turks. After the English defeated them with their help he returned to Alexandria then back to Israel.  Zalman passed away in 1925 at the age of 65. Thank you Stan for giving us this very interesting glimpse of your heritage. We look forward to the next instalment!