Posted by Roger Veary on Sep 23, 2019
Ian Mawson, prostate cancer survivor and ambassador spoke about "Surviving Prostate Cancer" with early detection.
Ian Mawson gave his follow-up talk on prostate cancer and once again, it was a very thought-provoking presentation Ian is an Ambassador for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia which does a lot to promote awareness and to assist sufferers, their partners and families by reducing the impact of the disease as much as possible. A staggering 3500 men will die in Australia this year and so the work done by PCFA is of utmost importance. Ian urged all men to take a PSA test if they have not already done so, as early detection is most desirable if a favourable outcome is to be achieved. There are various options including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy; the one that is selected for an individual is very personal and should be chosen only after getting a lot of input from the medical profession and the patient's loved ones. Inevitably, there are side effects regardless of which regime is selected and I an outlined these giving a list of questions that an individual should ask his doctor. It was not surprising that there was considerable interest from the floor as evidenced by the questions asked.