We were fortunate to welcome Kate Chaney MP, Federal Member for Curtin, as our Guest Speaker this time, and as expected it turned out to be a very insightful and interesting address. Kate wasn’t remotely interested in politics until early 2022, but her attitudes had been moulded over a long period of time by contact with Aboriginal people and by working in Law, the corporate world and the Not-for-Profit sector. Whilst working with Anglicare Kate realised that ideas for change couldn’t move from a grass-roots level up to Ministers – the reality being only the other way around – and so when she was asked to consider standing as an Independent, she decided to take on the challenge. Kate was horrified by the lack of compassion in politics and by policies which are based on fear rather than positively trying to improve a situation, and she was delighted to be elected albeit by a slim majority. Kate realises that she needs to work on behalf of all constituents, and that the expanded cross-bench in Parliament must concentrate on realities and not ideologies. Kate has learnt a lot in the short time that she’s been involved, such as that the narratives tend to focus on rights with scant mention of responsibilities; unfortunately, life is not fair to all; the community has the power to decide what it wants to be; unlikely achievements enable us to look for other audacious projects; and one must do what you think is right, but remember you are accountable! New legislation needs community input with ideology kept in the background. The Voice is all about listening to Aboriginals, and we must also look at gambling reforms and a compassionate approach to refugees. Much food for thought!