Posted by Jeremy Wood on Jun 14, 2019
Rotary Club of Osborne Park sends container-loads of surplus used medical equipment for use in hospitals in Cambodia
Pip Asphar from the Rotary Club of Osborne Park gave a most interesting account of their Cambodia Project which has been going now for about 9 years. Pip and Doctor Tim Keenan have been the driving force behind this concept and so far have organised 39 containers of medical equipment to be sent to Cambodia. This is easier said than done because of many factors such as the post war legacy of landmines, lack of proper roads, absence of suitable public transport and limited expertise in operating and maintaining equipment. The latter issue has been overcome by sending nurses and technicians to Cambodia on short term assignments. The Cambodia Project team has tapped into its various contact sources in WA and has set up a very cost-effective modus operandi. Cultural differences result in the Cambodian approach being very different to the Australian way, but these hurdles have not impeded the success of the mission. What a worthwhile contribution this is for Cambodians!