Terpsy Christou is an Holistic Health Coach and Beauty Therapist, and at Peter Wagner’s invitation she came to address us on the topic of Essential Oils (EO) and their use in modern society. It all started about 10 years ago when Terpsy couldn’t easily fall asleep at night, and so she started experimenting with EOs to solve the problem. They did, and Terpsy has established a business aimed at promoting health, wellness and beauty. EOs have a history that goes back to about 3500 BC in ancient Egypt, and they were used by the Yellow Emperor in China around 2600 BC. Medicine cabinets have been found in Israel too, dating back to the days of King David some 3000 years ago. The protocols used in those times are still valid today. EOs are powerful plant extracts – e.g. 1 drop of peppermint oil is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea – which need to be used sparingly and which must be of good, pure quality. Certified EOs can be applied aromatically, topically or internally depending on the needs of the user, and Terpsy gave a number of examples such as taking lemon oil in water to boost the immune system. Lemon oil is made from the lemon zest rather than the juice. Terpsy used lavender on one occasion to apply to her burnt hand, and this fixed the problem very quickly. Beware of lavender though; it can cause nightmares unless it is mixed with juniper berries. Cassia (Chinese cinnamon) also boosts the immune system, and frankincense is helpful in a range of circumstances. Terpsy is holding a workshop on 13th May; please see Peter Wagner’s email dated 5th May.